Our offer has been tailored specifically to the needs of the current global situation. The situation that has caused many people to consider moving from large, crowded agglomerations to secluded places, away from Western civilization. Thailand belongs to such places for many reasons. Some of them are warm climate, friendly people, relaxing atmosphere and the other is falling real estate prices due to the worsening economic situation resulting from pandemic constraints. Templer Productions Ltd has been operating on the Thai market for 12 years. Until now, the major activity was related to AoPong Resort on Koh Mak. Presently we offer assistance with the purchase, lease and long-term rental of plots of land, homes and bungalows.

We are currently focusing on the charming and not commercialized islands of Koh Mak and Koh Chang. 

Both islands are located in the eastern part of the Thai gulf, still a less commercialized area of ​​Thailand. They are surrounded by other picturesque islands (Koh Wai, Koh Kradad, Koh Rayang, Koh Kham and others) of the Koh Chang Archipelago and the National Marine Park nearby Koh Mak.

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Koh Mak Island is located on the East side of Taj Bay between two islands: Koh Chang and Koh Kood, approximately 350 km away from the capital city - Bangkok. It is a small, tropical island with the area covering just 16 square m. Koh Mak is shaped vaguely like a four-pointed star.

Almost the entire island is owned by relatively few descendants of Luang Prompakdii, who purchased Koh Mak from Chao Sua Seng; the Chinese-Thai tax collector, who was working these days for Thai King Rama V.  Nowadays the island is dominated by coconut and para rubber trees plantations. Islanders mostly work in agriculture and tourism business which still is not as commercialized as in other popular regions of Thailand. With such a deep-rooted agricultural tradition, it’s no surprise that Ko Mak’s landscape is distinct from its larger and more rugged neighbors, Koh Chang and Koh Kut. It looks like, as a result of natural awareness of the human relation to the nature, the people of Koh Mak found the right balance between business and happiness. Such attitude reflects in overwhelming hospitality, understanding of co-operative friendship and environmental awareness of islanders. Consequently, the development strategy of this islands administration is based on respect to the nature. The island is being promoted as a “Low Carbon Destination”. So, you will not find here tall, concrete hotels on the beach, supermarkets, seven/eleven shops, night clubs or noisy watersports toys.

Major foreign currencies can be exchanged at an office near the info center, just inland from the pier at Ao Suan Yai. This is also where you’ll find the post office. There are two health care facilities on the island : one, the local health center  located next to the school in Ao Nid and small international clinic located close to Makathanee pier. However any serious medical case would require a trip to Trat. There is a pharmacy on the island, where you can buy some medications. The electricity is provided to the island by new undersea cable that was laid in 2016 connecting the island to the Thailand’s national grid.

Attractions on the island mostly includes relax on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, diving on the nearby located coral reef and National Marine Park, fishing, trekking, bike cycling, visiting local organic farms, coconuts and rubber tree plantations, kayaking and boat excursions to other islands around: Koh Wai, Koh Kood, Koh Kam, Koh Rayang, Koh Kradad and many others. Scuba diving trips can be arranged by two Diving Centers located on the Island.

Koh Mak, as one of the undiscovered islands of Thailand is considered to be a well-kept secret of this region. Due to beautiful beaches and crystal clear water The Sunday Times newspaper included Koh Mak in its list of the worlds ''Top 10 Secret Beaches'' in October 2006.

So, for people who are looking for a peaceful, friendly place in tranquil environment, unspoiled by mass tourism Koh Mak is a perfect place to be.



Koh Chang is the nation’s third largest island after Phuket and Koh Samui. Is situated in the eastern waters of the Gulf of Thailand, 250 kilometers from Bangkok. The island covers a total area of 217 square km, is 30 km long and almost 14 km wide. The majority of the terrain is dominated by jungle-clad mountains.

Koh Chang, which means ‘Elephant Island’ is named after it’s elephant head shape. The island is part of the protected ‘Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park’. Most of the island consists of virgin rainforest, so the region is not heavily populated but tourism and development along the coastal road have increased over the last few years. Koh Chang is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands with white sand beaches, waterfalls, mangroves and an interior rainforest that has been largely undisturbed due to the mountainous terrain. The island is a home to a wide range of wildlife, including an amazing selection of birds, snakes, deers and monkeys. The island offers a variety of activities and is famous for some excellent diving and snorkeling spots.